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Based in the Piedmont of North Carolina, Kish Fabrication is a small framebuilding operation run by Jim Kish. Over the past 20 years, Jim has built thousands of high quality custom titanium and steel bicycle frames for enthusiastic cyclists around the world.

The story of Kish bikes begins in the early 90s with Jim logging thousands of miles as a bicycle tour leader. It was here that his passion for both cycling and engineering combined to lead him down the path of professional framebuilding. Specializing in titanium long before most current titanium bicycle suppliers even existed, Jim Kish is a true innovator of his craft. Jim handcrafts each and every frame here at Kish Fabrication using the techniques and knowledge he has gained over the years. When Jim isn't building Kish frames he can also be found teaching as an instructor at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo’s Engineering department and at the United Bicycle Institute. Jim loves building bikes and he has taught hundreds of others how to get started in this rewarding craft.

Through these various experiences, he has been able to speak with thousands of cyclists about what they like about their bikes, their bike buying experiences — and what they’d change if they could.


20 Years Experience

When you purchase a Kish frame, you are tapping into the knowledge that comes along with 20 years of framebuilding experience. Jim relies on this experience to design and produce some of the finest custom bicycles available today.


Seriously Tough Frames

Kish titanium frames are built to stand the test of time. By combining robust materials with extensive engineering knowledge, Kish is able to provide a frame that will be at your side for the long haul. Jim takes immense pride in his craftsmanship and warranties all of his titanium frames for life.


Know Your Builder

Kish provides the unique opportunity to build a relationship with the person responsible for constructing your bicycle frame from start to finish. Jim keeps in touch with many of his customers after they have purchased bikes and those relationships are an important part of the Kish business.


Custom Tailored Fit

One of the biggest advantages to purchasing a custom frame is the fit. All Kish frames are built with careful consideration given to the cyclist's fit and riding style to ensure the best ride possible. Stock bike sizes rarely offer an ideal fit — this is where Kish comes in.

What our customers have to say:

The majority of our bikes are sold via word of mouth from our happy customers telling other cyclists about Kish bikes. Below is what some of those people have to say about their experience with Kish:

“ I wanted to thank you for building such an awesome frame for me. I've been riding it non-stop since it got delivered in September, and have to say its the best mountain bike I've ever had. Thanks for working with me on it and producing a frame that's better than I even knew I wanted. Thanks for working with me on it and producing a frame that's better than I even knew I wanted. It is completely beautiful too. I've ridden it in the forests and mountains around Asheville, and also took it out to Arizona for some desert riding. I have also raced on it a few times already and ended up on a couple podiums. I am looking forward to many many more happy miles on this bike. Just wanted to let you know what your frame's been up to since you sent it off! ”

- From Emily

“ I finished building the bike last week and have got about 180 miles on it since, including a 72 mile ride today. The build is full SRAM Red and weighed in at 15.5 lbs with petals. The bike is fantastic all around! More comfortable and much better handling than my Look 585. I think it even climbs a little bit better because it is stiffer. Absolutely love it and am very pleased! ”

- From Roy

“ The bike you built me has cured my obsession. I've been compulsively looking for this for the past several years, since I broke the Salsa and started tossing about for the ultimate replacement. I am totally satisfied. Thanks. When I have managed to sell several of the bikes that now are essentially decorations in the basement, I will send a deposit for the next frame. This should be soon. ”

- From Jay

“ The frame: Delightful to ride and fits like a glove. As soon as I swung my leg over my hands fell to just the right place on the drops with that 'un-weighted feeling' when you know you are in the right place. The front end of the bike was a wonderfully stable place, with very predictable and smooth handling. It's no weight weenie and I was out with a couple of carbon boys, which served to show how the right size bike is so much more important than weight alone. I knew it was a smooth ride, but it was when we swapped bikes for 20 minutes and I had a chance to ride a Trek Madone by way of comparison that I realised how super smooth the ride really is. The Trek, though a lovely bike was a bit nervous and fidgety with a lot of smaller vibrations making their way through the frame. ”

- From Dom

“ I wanted to write you a note to say thank you but "thank you" doesn't begin to cover it. I have been playing in the outdoors for all my life; paddling rivers, skiing mountains, hiking trails. There are moments in time when a piece of gear comes along that significantly raises the bar of performance. There are moments in time when a piece of gear comes along that significantly raises the bar of performance. It makes everything suddenly easier and more graceful. A game changer. Your frame has done that for me. I've been riding bikes (like most of us) all my life. Seriously, 50 years. There are only a few bikes that I can remember really changing my life. My Schwinn Stingray that I rode to school for years, my first mountain bike in 1983 and now. ”

- From Cutler